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Rikki Six and her stepmom

December - 13 - 2012

Teen Rikki Six is on the phone, chatting to her friend. As she leaves her stepmom in the kitchen to talk in private, Rikki’s boyfriend pops around to see her. The wicked MILF takes and instant liking to the young man as the chat away. She decides that she’s going to seduce him.

Rikki has finished on the phone and comes down the strais. She is shocked to find her step mom sat on the sink with her legs wide open – her boyfriend licking her smooth bald pussy.

Threatening to tell her dad, Rikki is soon won around by the blonde milf. Both the women set about the lucky guy. He takes it in turn to pound both of their horny, wet pussies before unleahing his load over the two of them!

Rikki Six and her stepmom

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Roberta and her Mom

December - 6 - 2012

Blonde babe, Roberta, and her boyfriend decide to have a bit of fun in the bedroom.  She reaches into her drawer and pulls out some restraints.  She ties her boyfriend securely to the bed.  Before either of them have a chance to get started, Roberta’s mom walks straight into the room.  Roberta doesn’t even flinch.  Had they planned it????

Roberta’s MILF mother slides onto the bed and slips his pants down.  She moves her head down and takes his already rock hard cock straight into her month.  Roberta sits on the bed, encouraging her horny mother until her boyfriend can take no more and blows his load all over the MILF’s face.

Roberta and her Mom share a man

Stella watches mom suck cock

September - 12 - 2012

Blonde babe Stella bring home her boyfriend to meet mom, Jodi West.  The blonde MILF takes a shine to Johnny and is dying to get her hands on him.  As Stella walks into the kitchen to get a drink, Jodi sees her opportunity.  She strips off her clothes to show off her hot and sexy body and moves to Johnny, slipping a hand down his shorts.  Whilst her daughter is still out of the room, Jodi slips her daughter’s boyfriend’s cock out of his pants.  She moves down her head and begins to lick and suck on his rock hard pole.

Stella suddenly walk back into the room and is initially horrified to find her mother sucking her boyfriend’s cock.  Rather than being embarrassed, Jodi doesn’t stop.   She’s not giving up on this young cock so easily.  There’s nothing more that Stella can do.  She watch blow her boyfriend.  She soon become aroused by the sight, rather than disgusted and, as Johnny is about to cum, she lifts up her top hoping to get a shot of his hot and sticky spunk.

Mom and Daughter Blowjob

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Mother and Daughter Blowjob

January - 1 - 2012

Mother Daisy and Christa are drunk once more when Johnny looks them over. Johnny has such a hard-on, the two curious ladies cant help but notice. “Wow, what an enormous boner Johnny!” says horny mom Daisy. Young Christa is embarrassed because her little snatch begins throbbing on the sight of his package. Johnny finally slips it out and the two chicks have no choice but to suck and slobber on it until he shoots over the teen’s face.

daisy and christa

Mom gets covered in Cum

December - 1 - 2011

Young Ivy wants to offer her boyfriend one of the best blowjobs ever.  However when mommy Grace catches her practicing with her dildo, she decides show her just how to do it. The perverted milf sucks off Ivy’s boyfriend right in front of her. Ivy is shocked, however her curiosity gets the better of her. The two women set to work on his cock, tag teaming and sucking him off until he shoots his load all over Grace’s face

Mom Grace and Ivy

Alexa & Syren

November - 17 - 2011

When Mom Syren found out that daughter Alexa was an online pornstar, she couldn’t wait to get in on the act.

The Mother and daughter team paired up to tag team fuck on camera before dropping to their knees and taking a huge load in their faces.

Mother and Daughter make a porn film

Jerri & Claudia

October - 17 - 2011

Daughter Jerri tells her Mom that the would like to become a stripper. However, Claudia has a beter idea!

Claudia takes her daughter to a porn shoot that she has arranged. Once the cameras start rolling, the MILF and daughter team begin to stroke their pussies.

When the male pornstar arrives, Claudia shows her daughter the ropes – sucking away on his big fat cock.  Jerri soon gets the hang of things and the two ladies suck and fuck him until he unleashes his load.

Mom and daughter make a porn film

Carrie & Kaci

September - 17 - 2011

Daughter Kaci explained to her MILF mom that she had not had much experience with men.  Carrie decided to give her daughter a treat.  One day she brought home a guy and gave her daughter a few lessons!

Carrie starts to suck him off before letting daughter, Kaci have a turn.  Its not longer for the daughter finds her feet and the two ladies suck and fuck his cock until he explodes in their waiting mouths.

Mom carrie shows Kaci how to fuck

Phoebe & Simone

August - 17 - 2011

Gorgeous mother and daughter Phoebe and Simone decide to share a guy .  He takes each lady in turn, licking at their wet, bald pussies.  The mom and daughter team repay the favour, pulling down his pants and sucking on his cock together.

The stud then take daughter and mother, one at a time, before unleashing his load all over their pretty faces.

mom and daughter share a cock

Nicole and Daughter Kylie

July - 17 - 2011

Hip, modern Mom Nicole is talking about sex with daughter Kylie.  Nicole decides to give Kylie a few lessons and brings home a guy to teach her daughter a few movies.

Mom and daughter take it in turns to suck the studs cock.  Nicole is the first one to get fucked as her daughter watches.  After giving mom a good pounding, its Kylie’s turn before he spurts out his load over their faces.

Nicole and daughter share a cock