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Coffee Cum MILF

January - 20 - 2011

Perverted Mom, Maggy, has run out of cream for her morning cup of coffee.  Since her daughters Julia and Chloe used up the last of it, she calls Jimmy round and orders them to milk his cock. ”C’mon big boy…squirt that fucking jizz right in my cup!”, she says as the girls pull him off.   Jimmy shoots his load into Maggy’s cup of coffee and the innocent teens are disgusted as the milf guzzles it down.

MILF and teen Coffee Cum

Mom Teaches Teens

January - 12 - 2011

Mom, Mrs James, catches teen daughter Julia jacking off her boyfriend’s cock.  Enraged at the sight she forces teen Lexy into giving him a handjob.  As this is the first time that Lexy has stroked a bigcock, Mrs James shows her ho it should be done.

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Mrs Johnson and Alexis

January - 5 - 2011

MILF Mrs Johnson and Alexis can’t keep up the repayments on their home.  When the eviction officer arrives, Mrs Johnson is desperate to save her home. “Please Mister…If my daughter jacks your cock…will you let us stay?” . Without any hesitation at all, Alexis strips the officer of hos clothes and grabs for his cock.  “Come on Alexis”, insists her mother “make that big cock squirt hot jizz“.  Alexis expertly stokes his cock until he shoots his load.  The officer promises not to tell his boss in return for free handjobs from the horny duo.

Mrs Johnson and Alexis jerk off eviction officer

When teen, Leihla catches her Mom jerking off her boyfriend she scream “Oh my god! Stop it!…your gonna make by boyfriend cum“.  Leihla soon takes over and Mom, Mrs James, begins playing with her pussy as the sight of her daughter stroking Billy’s large cock.  Leihla continues wanking him off until he explodes a mega sized cumload.

Teen catches Mom Jerking off her boyfriend

Asian Mom and Teen Tag Team

December - 8 - 2010

When Joey stops by to visit his teen girlfriend, Nikki, her drunken mom Regina introduces herself by encouraging him to whip out his big cock.  Jimmy reluctantly obliges.  Straight away, mom Regina pops it into her mouth and begins to suck away.  When teen Nikki catches them at it, rather than get annoyed, Jimmy is surprised that she just joins in.  Mom and daughter tag team suck his dick until Regina wanks him off over the pretty teen’s face.

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Curious teens Chloe and Zoe are at home playing with a massive dildo.  However, Mom walks in and decides to teach them both a lesson.  The MILF makes both her daughter’s watch as she sucks off her boyfriend right in front of them.  The two teens soon start to get turned on and they begin to play with themselves.  However, Mom is not going to let them have a go. Instead she makes them watch has she finishes off her boyfriend by wanking him off until he shoots his load….to the amazment of her daughters.

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Alexis Rubs Cum in Moms face

December - 5 - 2010

Alexis brings home her boyfriend, Jimmy, but whilst she is out of the room her mother tries to coax Jimmy into showing her his cock.  Alexis returns to find Mom stroking his dick.  Angry at the sight, Alexis forces her Mom to watch as she sucks off her boyfriend.  As punishment for her mother’s behaviour, she jacks him off until he shoots his load before rubbing his cum into her mother’s face.

Alexis Rubs Cum in Mom's face

Brenna is at home stroking her boyfriend’s big cock, when suddenly her mother walks in and catches her with here hands full.  Breanna’s Mom is really not happy with her daughter, but the size of Jimmy’s dick is getting her horny and its not long before he joins in.  The Mom and Daughter team take turns wanking of Jimmy until he blows his load.

Brenna and her mother jerk off her boyfriend's cock

Teen JC and her boyfriend Brent are watching a movie when MILF, Mrs. Lee, walks in to offer them some popcorn.  Mrs. Lee sits down next to Brent when all of a sudden, a porn movie flicks on.  Mrs. Lee’s pussy soon starts to throb and she makes a grab for Brent’s cock.  JC is not happy, however before long both mother and daughter begin to take turns sucking his cock.  After a while, Mrs. Lee jerks off his cock and Brent shoots his load into cute JC’s asshole.

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Mrs. Delmar and Daughter Amber

December - 2 - 2010

Milf Mrs. Delmar comes into the room and catches teen Amber sucking off her boyfriend’s huge cock. Mrs. Delmar becomes angry at the sight…but then she catches sight of his cock.  Amber’s Mom gets down onto her knees and slips his dick into her mouth and shows her daughter how it is done.  Both mother and daughter suck, slobber and spit all over his cock until Mrs. Delmar jacks him off into her daughter’s waiting mouth.

Mrs Daimler and Daughter Amber